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Very Good Attorney

I’m very thankful for what Sonia Cannon has done for me. I was going through trial at CPS court and was given a court-appointed lawyer and I feel like I wasn’t getting the right representation that I needed for my case, so, I found Cannon Law PLC and sat down had a meeting with Sonia.

The following court date she represented me and that’s when things began to change. She knew what to say and how to say it. She was very firm in the courtroom and brought out the facts that needed to be brought out because I was losing my son. She didn’t mess around. She did her homework, dedicated a lot of time and effort with this case, and at the end of all the madness, it turned out in our favor. I got to keep my son and things went back to somewhat normal.
I can't tell her how thankful I am for what she did. She’s a very good attorney. If you're looking for someone to represent you- to stand up and fight for your rights, I wouldn’t tell you to go to anyone else because she will give you that representation that you need to make sure your rights aren’t violated.

All I can say is in my case she was my guardian angel and saved me from losing my son and hope. Thanks, Sonia Cannon.

J. Smith

Justice Is Served

Sonia will go out of her way for the benefit of her clients. She will see to it that justice is served. She is most definitely a shark in a suit. It's amazing to see how highly respected she is when she walks into a courtroom. Sonia has been a blessing to our family.


Handled Both Cases Very Thoroughly

I met Sonia over a year ago. She handled my two cases for me. One was a personal protection order obtained under false pretenses and the other was a crazy live-in girlfriend who tried to file a personal protection order. I was given prompt attention and she handled both cases very thoroughly.


Sonia Cannon Is the Attorney for You

From the start, Sonia Cannon saw my husband and I as people and not just a “case”. She met with us during unexpected, probably inconvenient hours, because it was as important to her as it was for us.
Sonia took every step necessary, requested meetings with many and had such confidence from the beginning. During the lowest point in my life, Sonia gave words of encouragement and won our case, like she knew she would.
We were removed from a central registry because she knew every step necessary to do so. If you are looking for someone that will fight for you, no matter the length, then Sonia Cannon is the Attorney for you.


Professionalism and Experience Is Second to None

I have no doubt that Ms. Cannon’s representation is the reason my case was resolved so quickly. She always made herself available to me and provided invaluable counsel during a very emotional and terrifying period of my life. Her professionalism and experience is second to none! Thank you, Sonia!

Tim N.

Highly Recommend

I am a client who has used Sonia Cannon to represent me with my divorce. In the office, I found Sonia Cannon to be an outstanding compassionate lawyer who listens, digests the information, and then creates an outstanding case for her client.
She helped me during my very painful and confusing divorce. In the courtroom, Sonia is very professional and it is apparent she has a great working relationship with the judge and legal counsel. In addition, my divorce was completed in a timely fashion with a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend Sonia Cannon.

Julia W.

Very Caring

Our family went through an unexpected horrific ordeal where our 5 boys were removed from our care. We had premature infant twin sons and an unexplained fracture was found while an x-ray after a recent surgery occurred. Never in a million years would I have imagined nor did I know something like this could happen. We lived in a world where we thought the truth was triumphant and proof or facts would need to be present.
In desperation and with not much time our family and friends assisted in finding us the right attorney. We found many that didn’t care to hear our story and would be happy to meet us at court as long as we brought a check. Through this process, we received a recommendation for Sonia Cannon and with only 3 hours before we were due at court she returned our call. Within a moment I knew we needed and wanted her.

For the first time in the worst 12 hours of my life, I felt a glimpse of hope that carried me through the next 3 months. Sonia wanted to know who we were and what happened, she took the time to meet us before court and came to court like the bulldog we needed.

For the next three months, she became our family and vested in us so we could understand the legal system and process, walking us through every step. She knew the importance of reuniting our large family as soon as possible and made us feel like her only priority throughout our case. She researched doctors, attorneys, and many medical journals, negotiated additional visitation, care with family and prepared to fight the battle many wanted us to settle.

Although there were moments emotions were high Sonia was a true professional and ultimately reunited a family and changed our lives for the better in the process. Not only were we reunited, the case was DISMISSED and immediately Sonia knew to petition the court for removal of our names on the registry. For 4 years now I have advocated for other families and I assure you Sonia is prepared for battle and truly cares for those she represents.

Melissa G

Very Professional

I am currently using Sonia Cannon as my lawyer for a divorce modification and what a good move. My previous lawyer did a horrible job and Sonia rescued me!!!
She negotiated a reduction in my alimony. It was cut almost exactly in half. What an outstanding relief. Sonia knows her way around the courtroom and it is obvious to me the judge, mediator, and it even opposing consul like her.
She has a great working relationship with all she meets and is very professional. I would recommend you choose Sonia Cannon as your lawyer.

Tim S.

Went Above and Beyond

I am very grateful to Sonia Cannon, ESQ. at Cannon Law PLC for guiding me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I was very hesitant to proceed with my divorce because I was sure that I would be on the losing end. Ms. Cannon went above and beyond to limit my damages in a divorce with some complexities. Now that it is final, I feel a great sense of relief. I actually was very satisfied with the divorce settlement and in my estimation, I won.

L. Cardwell